Retail lighting is synergy of elements

In retail, several elements come together. From presenting products to translating brand values to the customer. Retail lighting is at the base here. It makes visible, creates atmosphere and provides security. From general store lighting to and specific product presentation. From clothing to toys. Each piece of retail requires a custom lighting plan.

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Expert in retail lighting

With the right store lighting, you create a pleasant shopping environment for customers. This is how you positively influence customer behavior. No one feels comfortable in a dark store, although that doesn’t mean it has to be brightly lit everywhere. Our lighting specialists have years of experience in retail lighting. After all, that’s what we grew up with.

Customization for synergy

Every store is different and requires its own approach. Of course, lighting a clothing store is not the same as a butcher or garden store. Our lighting specialists will work with you to create the retail lighting plan that fits your store. This is customization, so you realize synergy between all the elements in your store.


Saving with LED lighting

Besides being about customer experience, you want to keep energy consumption as low as possible as a retailer. With our LED lighting specifically for retail, you ensure both an attractive light display and low energy bills. By using our high-energy-efficiency LED lighting, savings can be as high as 85%. With today’s energy prices, this means that the return on investment is even faster

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