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    The origin

    It is a German lighting manufacturer that values high quality and reliability. The company was founded in 1952 by Mrs. Auguste Kirchner, in Köningsberg. The name was inspired by the name of the famous mathematician and astronomer Regiomontanus, which also hails from Köningsberg. Another fun fact is that the company, like Lixero, is a true family business.

    German quality

    Over the past 70 years, the brand has become one of the leading and most reliable lighting companies in Europe. The company manufactures products, such as light lines, of the highest quality. This how quality is guaranteed by their own production plant in Germany and their VDE approved laboratory. VDE is one of the largest technical-scientific organizations in Europe that ensures safety and quality of electrical products.

    Regiolux light lines

    The company has a large product
    and often has an appropriate fixture as a solution for every project. The best-known product category the company produces is, light lines. The light lines are universal and flexible lighting solutions for any project.

    Thus, the Regiolux SDT light line system is easy to install and available in several options, such as with individual lenses, linear lenses or diffuser and the corresponding . In addition, the SDT is available in
    IP20, IP40 and IP54
    and can be ordered from 4,000 to 19,000 lumens (
    ). For sports halls, Regiolux has developed the SDT Match light line, this light line is very robust and resistant to balls, rackets or other sports objects. Also, the SDT Match system is equipped with integrated emergency lighting function for a safe sports environment. Finally, there is the Regiolux SRT light line system, a flexible lighting system for customized solutions. The SRT light lines have lots of light distribution and are available in IP20 and IP54. All with a warranty of up to 8 years, with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours!