Chain lighting
a trade by itself

Lighting one location is one thing, but what if you are responsible for lighting an entire chain or formula? We understand these needs when it comes to lighting multiple locations. With our expertise and capacity, we are able to provide chains of stores, restaurants, hairdressers, gyms and more with the perfect lighting. Whether it’s 10 sites or 100, we can guarantee consistency and quality.

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Uniformity in appearance

Within a chain, or formula, uniformity is key. Of course, you want each location to have the same look and feel that fits the brand. Our experts will work closely with you to ensure that the lighting plan and lighting is consistent for each location. Whether it’s a supermarket chain, hardware store, hairdresser or other retail business, we understand your needs. Within each phase of a project, we can step in, which makes us flexible and powerful.

Saving energy on a large scale

In addition to providing the same look, saving energy is top priority. Our customized solutions include high-quality and energy-efficient LED lighting. These quality LED lights consume significantly less than older LED lights or traditional lighting. In addition, you will enjoy a long service life, because every product is tested before it leaves our factory. This allows you to save significantly on operational costs while minimizing the ecological footprint of the chain. We go for the maximum savings combined with the perfect experience. We can perform detailed savings calculations based on specific locations and needs. Our expert team analyzes energy consumption and is happy to explain the annual savings to you. This not only enables you to operate more efficiently, but also to contribute to a more sustainable future.


The importance of planning

Without a plan no light we often say, this also applies to planning. Thorough planning is one of the building blocks of successfully lighting a chain. The start consists of a comprehensive analysis of the specific needs, brand identity and requirements. This allows us to select the right products and create a customized lighting plan. When we start working together, a regular team of lighting experts will get to work planning and executing each location. Completely in agreement with you.

perfect customer experience

Within formulas, the customer experience is central. The right lighting can create the atmosphere that attracts customers and provides comfort. Whether it’s accenting product displays, creating the right ambiance in a restaurant or enhancing the sports environment. Our experienced lighting experts understand how light can achieve this. Curious about previous projects? Check them out here.

Your partner for chain lighting

If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable partner to manage your lighting projects, you’ve come to the right place. We have the capacity, expertise and dedication to ensure that all locations are optimally lit. Fully in line with the formula and specific requirements. Contact us without obligation and find out how we can enhance your brand with the power of light.

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