As an official distributor of Arkoslight, we offer a wide range of Arksolight products. We are here to help you find the perfect fixtures for your project. From the Swap spot to the Black Foster series and from the Shot Light to the Pop Up spot. You order them at Lixero.
In the latest catalog you will find all Arkoslight products, you can request this catalog for free here. Or contact our Arkoslight expert Barry Janssen, he will help you with all your questions about the brand and products.

Check out some projects featuring Arkoslight products below.

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    International award-winning products! Production in Spain! Innovative and sustainable products!

    Arkoslight Netherlands

    Lixero has been working with some of Arkoslight’s products for some time. Since 2022, we may call ourselves official Arkoslight distributor. We supply all products from the extensive product portfolio of this Spanish lighting manufacturer. You can view the Arkoslight catalog digitally here or use the interactive catalog here. For help or advice, please feel free to contact us at the Arkoslight Shop, Lixero.

    Arkoslight Spot

    The Swap is perhaps the best known Arkoslight LED spotlight which is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, the small Shot Light is a fixture you can use in many projects. This spotlight is ideal for illuminating specific objects or creating a luxurious light display. The Puck circular surface-mounted spotlight is there to be seen and fulfills perfectly as the general lighting of rooms. Arkoslight’s well-known Black Foster is a fixture that is almost unseen and can be perfectly used for invisibly illuminating special objects. An alternative to this can be the flexible Pop Up spotlight, which can rotate 355 degrees and tilt 90 degrees. This allows you to illuminate rooms or objects in a minimalist way. Another beautiful minimalist lighting solution is the Minimal Track a track profile that can be used to stylishly and flexibly illuminate different spaces. In fact, there are several products that can be installed on this minimal track. Finally, we highlight the Arkoslight Rec, which is ideal for comfortable indirect lighting of projects. Again, available in different shapes and sizes.

    Innovation and quality

    The Spanish lighting brand’s spotlights have already won several international awards such as the iF Design Award, Red Dot, Delta Awards, FX Award, Premios ADCV and European Product Design Award. These awards honor high-quality innovative design spotlights.

    DIALux plugin

    Get started yourself with Arkoslight products in the light design program DIALux. This is easily done with the Arkoslight plugin you can download here. Want to learn the basics of DIALux first? You can too, our certified DIALux trainer (Harry Rijnders) will teach you all about the program in our DIALux courses.

    The origin

    Arkoslight traces its roots back to 1984, when Jose Luis Latrás founded the lighting company in the Spanish city of Valencia. Back then the name was Oscaluz but in 2010 it changed to O-Arkoslight and four years later to Arkoslight. The company has become great by continuously adapting the new wants and needs of the market through progressive innovation. Today it is son Luis Latrás who is at the helm of the ship, and the company can therefore call itself a fine family business.

    Own production in Spain

    Today, Arkoslight is a well-known name in the world of lighting. With their designer luminaires, they operate in more than 80 countries. In addition to excelling in appearance, these fixtures feature high-quality components. This results in excellent efficiency(Lumen/Wattratio).