Looking for the stylish products from Alphabet by Zambelis? With us you will find a wide range of Alphabet by Zambelis. We are an official distributor of Alphabet Netherlands. As a result, you benefit from innovative and quality lighting, at a competitive price. From the well-known Allpha profiles to acoustic products. You’ve come to the right place for these Alphabet by Zambelis fixtures. Fill out the contact form for a free catalog or request a no-obligation quote.

Alphabet by Zambelis

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    Innovative design High quality materials Design and production in Greece

    The origin

    The history of Alphabet by Zambelis began with the founders’ vision to transform lighting from a functional element to an artistic statement. The company was founded in 1967, and by constantly striving for perfection and craftsmanship, the brand has built a reputation for its unique designs and high quality.

    Creative designs

    Alphabet by Zambelis is known for its creative approach to lighting, breaking traditional rules and exploring new avenues. The brand was founded by Zambelis Light+Design, a renowned Greek company that has been in the lighting industry for more than three decades. With a passion for innovation and design, Alphabet by Zambelis has quickly established itself as a trendsetter in the world of lighting.


    The vision of Alphabet by Zambelis is to redefine lighting and offer a new perspective on how we light our spaces. The brand strives to push boundaries, challenge the normal and exceed people’s expectations. With a focus on innovation, creativity and quality, the brand continues to strive for perfection in everything they do.


    The company has a broad product
    and has a stylish fixture for every project. The best-known product category the company produces is LED profiles. An attractive and beautiful solution for any job.


    The profiles from Alphabet by Zambelis come as low as 24mm, this is the minimalist TAF24 profile. With this profile, light is brought to life with endless playful combinations. The system is modular, so you are flexible in the use and placement of the profile. In addition, colors and materials can be applied according to your own preferences to put together a perfect fixture.


    One size larger is the Alpha34. Alpha is a top line within Alphabet by Zambelis and fits easily into any project. With various options such as pinned, ceiling mounted, recessed, trimless and with or without up- & downlight you can go either way. The fixture is made of high-quality aluminum and is available in different light colors and sizes.


    Another line with 34 is the Zeta34. This innovative and modern fixture is very flexible in both color and length. Thus, the fixture is available from 13 to 450 cm in standard white, black, gray, copper, gold or any other RAL color.


    Perhaps one of the best-known fixtures from Alphabet by Zambelis, the Alpha48. This multifunctional fixture has a minimalist and luxurious design, making it a good fit for projects with a nice touch. Alphabet’s Alpha48 comes in several versions: pinned, surface mounted, recessed, wall mounted and with up- and downlights. In addition, the color and length of the fixture is (almost) free to choose, as long as it is a RAL color and the fixture is between 58 and 450 centimeters. There are several options in terms of light color and lumen output, please contact us for this. This fixture is ideal for such purposes as comfortably illuminating a workspace or conference room.

    More products

    This is just a sampling of Alphabet by Zambelis’ extensive range of products. Many fixtures in the collection are customizable by color, length and light color. For all fixtures, please contact us without obligation.