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You also want the best working environment for your employees, right? A happy employee is a better and more sociable employee. The right office lighting creates a work environment where every employee feels comfortable.

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Good lighting is important

Employees spend much of their day in the office. Therefore, it is important to ensure that this is a nice and comfortable work environment. The right lighting plays a crucial role here because it greatly affects the atmosphere and appearance in an office, as well as the work performance of staff. In addition, you realize nice cost savings with energy-efficient office lighting.

Over the past 40 years, we have illuminated many different offices. From a small office with energy-efficient LED panels to multi-story offices with different spaces with different purposes. We will work with you to create your perfect office. This starts with a customized lighting plan by our experienced designers and only ends when you are satisfied!

Better work environment, better performance

Several studies have shown that the right office lighting contributes to a good mood, better concentration and better overall well-being of employees. Not only do employees feel more energetic and happier, but the work performance and overall health of employees also improves. For example, research shows that proper lighting can increase productivity by 10% and work accuracy by 12%. Finally, proper lighting can reduce illness, burnout and employee turnover. A win-win situation! When creating your lighting plan, we take into account the needs and wants of your employees. In this way, we develop a lighting plan that suits your company, employees and a healthy office.

Low consumption, low energy costs

Common mistakes

In many offices, lighting is one of the items that unfortunately receives little attention. This often results in a moodless or overly atmospheric office. An office should be a place where you should be able to both concentrate and be creative with colleagues. These different purposes require different types of lighting, unfortunately this is not yet being realized everywhere. Because let’s face it, a dark workplace can make you feel less energetic and focused in your work. And an overexposed conference room is not a great place to work together. In fact, poor office lighting causes a decline in productivity, employee happiness and employee health. With every office project, we comply with both Dutch and European prescribed standards regarding office lighting. We do this by using quality fixtures, which are installed and aligned in the right places. Aligning is directing the fixtures correctly so that the light shines in the perfect way. We provide this service because it is essential for a comfortable light display.

Sustainable office lighting

Saving with office lighting

With today’s high energy prices, the payback period for new and energy-efficient LED lighting is even shorter. When you replace fluorescent tubes with new LED lights you save up to 67%, for incandescent and halogen bulbs this savings is even greater. If you switched to LED lighting early on, you can still save on your energy bill. The latest generation of LED lighting is much more energy efficient than older LED lighting, so you’ll also realize savings with LED lighting replacement.

We work with a wide range of energy-efficient fixtures, this means that more light can be generated with less energy. We manufacture these fixtures ourselves in Deurne, the Netherlands, or purchase from one of the brands we work with.

In addition, we can apply various energy-saving lighting techniques such as timers, motion sensors, daylight sensors and (automatic) dimming systems. Using daylight sensors, lighting is dimmed when enough daylight comes in, the less bright the lighting is the greater the savings. With automatic dimming systems, the lighting is automatically dimmed when there are no people in the room, unlike with a motion sensor, there is still lighting, just not as bright. This is ideal for a reception hall or reception area, for example.

A customized lighting plan

Everything starts with a plan. In terms of lighting, a lighting plan, this is a blueprint of where what lighting should be placed. By starting with a lighting plan, you create a clear picture of the size of the project. For example, the lighting plan calculates how many luminaires are needed for the required light levels for a healthy and comfortable workplace. In addition, the lighting plan can calculate how much energy can be saved. Finally, from the lighting plan, we can realize a 3D rendering of the space. This really brings the project to life.

Replacement, remodeling or new construction

When replacing lighting, we can look at the options together. For example, there are several LED fixtures that seamlessly replace older lighting such as fluorescent tubes or halogen lamps. In this process, no adjustments are made to the lighting plan and thus only the light source is replaced. In doing so, we can manufacture, procure, supply and install the fixtures. The best results are achieved with a revised lighting plan, so you are assured of the right office lighting.

New office construction or remodeling

In a remodel or the construction of a new office, it is nice for us to be involved in the process as early as possible. This allows us to work together with the client and all other parties involved to achieve the best and most beautiful result. We begin by understanding the wants and needs of the client and the employee; we do this in an on-site meeting. In doing so, we immediately look at the location itself: what are important points to consider? Is there a lot of daylight? how high is the ceiling? These are all things that are important for a correct lighting plan. Once this information is complete, one of our experienced light designers will get to work on the lighting plan. When it is ready, we will go over it with the client and polish it until they are satisfied. After agreement, we can purchase the fixtures, produce them or we already have them in stock. Then our mechanics or the installer can get to work installing everything neatly. We don’t leave until the client is satisfied! That’s part of our A to Z approach.

Sustainable office lighting

Sustainability and circularity are of paramount importance to us. For example, we work as much as possible with energy-efficient fixtures that save precious energy, but it doesn’t stop there. We work with as few links in our supply chain as possible, this means we work with established and local parties to get the chain as short as possible. This reduces transportation, and when transportation is needed, we choose sustainable solutions. Also, we choose sustainable materials and components in the design and production of our products. In addition, our production hall is equipped with 72 solar panels, which generate enough to make our own production process completely energy-neutral as well as to charge our electric vehicle fleet. In addition to having our own production department, we work with our social and local partner Maakwerk. At Maakwerk, people distanced from the labor market assemble some of our products.

Refurbished lighting

Our vision is to minimize waste and reuse as much as possible. Our in-house assembly and manufacturing department allows us to refurbish old lighting. With refurbished lighting, we replace only the parts that need to be replaced, in many cases just the light source. So an old fixture can get a second life and work well for years to come with a new light source.

Your partner for office lighting

You can come to us for all your questions about office lighting. We are ready to support you, office owners as well as (interior) architects and installers. With us you will find more than 42 years of experience in office lighting, lighting plans and fixtures. With a team of more than 40 employees, we have the expertise to bring any office project to a brilliant conclusion. Here it doesn’t matter at what point you need us, from an elaborate lighting plan to the production or procurement of high-quality fixtures or the installation and alignment of a lighting plan. We are here for you!

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