At Lixero, we not only stand for beautiful lighting projects, but also for a sustainable and responsible way of doing business. Circular business is more than a trend for us, it is one of our pillars in our business philosophy. As the lighting party of choice for sustainable lighting, we are committed to making a positive impact on People, Planet and Profit, striving to create a world where design, efficiency and sustainability come together.

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Together strong for social impact

Socially developed lighting

We believe it is important that business goes hand in hand with social responsibility. We have a close partnership with Maakwerk, a social enterprise in Deurne that focuses on people with catch-up jobs. Thus, we not only contribute to the development of these individuals, but also create a positive impact for our environment. In addition, our own products are assembled in the Netherlands, thus avoiding child labor. Something unfortunately still common in low-wage countries. This is how we build a sustainable future for all together.

Toward sustainable lighting

Ecological & sustainable

We cherish our planet; after all, we only have one. Therefore, we are taking active steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Our commitment to fewer links in our supply chain results in fewer emissions and less environmental impact. Indeed, this is how transportation is reduced. In addition, we choose sustainable materials and components in our products, this starts with the product design. When transporting materials and parts, we use efficient transportation such as shipping and bulk transport as much as possible. Finally, we generate our own energy with solar panels on our production hall. As a result, our entire production process in Deurne is energy-neutral, something we are pleased with.

Products with a second life

Refurbished lighting

Our circular vision focuses on minimizing waste and optimizing sustainability. Therefore, we reuse packaging material we receive from suppliers, this way we do not have to use extra plastic or cardboard to ship our lighting. You can also come to us for refurbished lighting to extend the life of products and save materials and energy. Shown here is a fixture that went from a butcher shop to a restaurant, the only thing that was replaced is the light source.

Less consumption is less impact

Saving energy with circular lighting

In addition to our own commitment to a business process with less impact on people and the environment, we also help our customers do the same. First, when drawing the lighting plan, we take into account the number of fixtures. If we find that the same result can be achieved with fewer fixtures we will always choose this option. In addition, we choose environmentally friendly and energy efficient fixtures so that they provide lasting benefits in terms of energy consumption. Finally, on some projects we work with smart sensor lighting. This sensor lighting not only provides cost savings for customers but also reduces energy consumption. This is how we make circular lighting even more energy efficient. Check out Keurslager van der Meer with smart sensor lighting here.

Your partner for circular lighting

We are proud to be the lighting party of choice for sustainable and circular lighting. Our commitment to sustainable and energy efficient lighting plans with circular products, makes us your ideal partner. Therefore, we are looking for companies, interior designers and interior decorators who value design and sustainability. This allows us to work closely together to create customized lighting solutions. Solutions that not only meet your aesthetic vision, but also contribute to a better planet and future. We are ready to work with you on this. Wondering what we can do for each other? Contact us with no obligation!

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