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Sports venues, whether soccer fields, tennis courts, padel courts or gyms, have one important thing in common. All sites require specific and quality lighting for optimal performance and safety. Sports lighting is crucial, not only for athletes, but also for spectators following the game. We are happy to explain more about our sports lighting.

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Sports lighting is important

Good lighting in sports facilities is essential for optimal performance and safety. It provides a bright and evenly lit playing field, allowing athletes to better see their surroundings. Lighting plays a crucial role in improving safety, performance and the overall experience of athletes and spectators. Poor lighting can lead to accidents and poor performance.

We offer customized lighting that meets the highest standards. We do this based on years of experience and a deep understanding of the unique needs of your sports facility. Our approach combines innovative technologies and sustainable solutions, starting with a thorough analysis of the space. We design a lighting plan that ensures optimal lighting and energy efficiency, supported by quality products and professional installation. That’s what we call sports lighting from A to Z!

The influence of lighting

Many sports facilities suffer from problems such as glare, uneven lighting and insufficient light. Glare causes reduced visibility and uneven lighting creates an unfair playing field. In doing so, insufficient light increases the risk of injury. These problems can negatively affect the safety and performance of athletes. You don’t want that, of course.

We understand the impact of these problems. Our role is to provide you with lighting that ensures consistent brightness and color temperature. This helps reduce visual fatigue and performance problems. Thus, you realize a better sports experience for both athletes and spectators.

Sports lighting that suits you

We offer a wide range of sports lighting. Each designed to address specific problems such as glare, uneven illumination and insufficient light. For the field, we have powerful LED lighting that provides bright and even illumination. For any bleachers, there are energy-efficient fixtures that improve safety and visibility for spectators. In locker rooms and training areas, we use ambient and functional lighting to create a comfortable and motivating environment.

Each solution we offer has specific benefits such as energy efficiency, improved visibility and increased safety. These sports lights are not only durable and cost-effective, but also offer consistent brightness and color temperature. These products allow us to respond quickly and effectively to your needs.

Customized lighting plan

A personalized lighting plan offers numerous benefits. Optimal lighting tailored to specific needs and maximum energy efficiency. For new sports facilities, we start with a thorough analysis of the space and requirements, followed by a custom design that perfectly meets the needs of athletes and spectators. For existing facilities that want to improve their lighting, we begin with an evaluation of the current lighting and identify areas for improvement to achieve a transformation.

The process of requesting a lighting plan begins with a visit where we identify the needs and goals of your sports facility. We then develop a detailed lighting plan that optimizes both performance and safety. A customized lighting plan provides not only an enhanced visual experience and safety, but also insight into long-term energy cost savings. After approval, we take care of the implementation and installation of the lighting.

Preserve your facility

Making a sports facility more sustainable starts with choosing energy-efficient lighting options such as quality LED lighting. LED lighting uses up to 70% less energy than traditional lighting and has a longer lifespan. This reduces both operational costs and carbon footprint. In addition, grants are often available for sports facilities that invest in sustainable products. These subsidies can cover part of the investment costs, making it even more attractive to choose energy-efficient sports lighting!

Your partner for sports lighting

When it comes to sports lighting, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it is a padel court, gym, gymnasium or other sports facility. We help your from start to finish. With an extensive team of lighting experts, we have the knowledge and experience to take charge of the lighting of your sports facility. We work with quality and energy-efficient products so that you are assured of good lighting for a long period of time that will continue to save energy costs. Curious about what we can do for you? Please feel free to get in touch!

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