At Lixero we create the best lighting experience, we do this using only the highest quality products.
In addition to products of our own making, we collaborate with some leading brands.
These include Regiolux, Arkoslight, Lombardo, Ghidini, Alphabet, Hera, Planlicht, Zemper and Spottune.


Lixero has been working with Regiolux for more than 20 years, and we at Lixero have long been Regiolux’s largest project buyer in the Netherlands. As a result, we always ensure the best price for your Regiolux products! We also provide your lighting plan with Regiolux products free of charge and expertly. Wondering what we can do for you? Read more about our partnership with Regiolux here.


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We are a proud distributor of Arkoslight. Arkoslight is a Spanish lighting manufacturer focusing mainly on the project market. The company does this with a wide range of modern, designer fixtures of high quality. The company found its origin in 1984 and since then it has become a well-known brand in the lighting industry. Due to our close cooperation with Arkoslight, we can supply all their quality products.


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Creating the ultimate (customer) experience is our goal. We do this not only with the best lighting in the right place, but we create the complete experience by complementing the light with sound of the highest quality. This sound is provided by Danish audio brand Spottune, they developed a flexible audio system which can be easily installed in 3-phase track rails. With our audio branch, Lixero Audio, we are the first official partner of Spottune in the Netherlands. Plus, our designers will draw a FREE audio plan for your project! Want to know more about the best sound that’s also easy to install? Read more about Spottune and Lixero Audio here!


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Alphabet by Zambelis

Alphabet by Zambelis is a Greek brand that seeks and breaks the conventional boundaries of lighting. At Alphabet by Zambelis you won’t find just any products, you’ll find fixtures that offer you unprecedented freedom. With these fixtures, it is possible to build your own lighting artwork. Whether in a living room, office, restaurant or store. Alphabet’s products adapt and transform the atmosphere. The subsidiary brand of Zambelis stands for high-quality technology, flexibility and craftsmanship. For unique Alphabet products, contact us without obligation.


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Molto Luce

This Austrian lighting brand focuses on functional and design-oriented lighting. For more than 40 years, Molto Luce has been innovating with high-quality, functional and aesthetic lighting. We are proud to work with the products of this beautiful brand. From modern office lighting to attractive store lighting, you’ll find it at Molto Luce.


Italian mastery of lighting. We are proud to offer this renowned brand in our assortment. Lombardo is known for its mastery of lighting design and innovation. This combines Italian craftsmanship with advanced technology and modern design elements. At Lombardo, you’ve come to the right place for both indoor and outdoor lighting.



We are pleased to have the prestigious brand Ghidini in our range. Over the years, Ghidini has become synonymous with progressive outdoor fixtures of high quality cast in a sophisticated aesthetic. This Italian lighting brand has a rich history. The latest fixtures are designed with an eye for detail, and it shows. With Ghidini, you are assured of a stylishly lit outdoor space where elegance and sophistication are key.



Emergency lighting is a profession in its own right. That’s why we work with Zemper’s products here, this company has specialized in high-quality emergency lighting for various applications for 56 years. The products meet the highest safety standards, as they should because safety is an important aspect of any project. By combining their knowledge and expertise in emergency lighting with our specialties, we can provide a complete and safe lighting solution for every project.


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