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The influence of light colors

In a world where light not only serves a functional purpose, but also plays an atmospheric role, we cannot ignore the influence of colors on our behavior and well-being. The right color lighting can have a significant impact on a variety of subjects. From increasing sales to improving athletic performance. In this article, we dive deeper into the world of colors and discover how different colors of light affect us and how they can be used strategically.

The psychology of color

Colors have an effect on our moods, emotions and even our behavior. Warm colors like red and yellow evoke feelings of energy and excitement, while cool colors like blue and green create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. We take this into account in our lighting plan, so the choice of color lighting is a powerful tool for creating the desired atmosphere in different rooms.

Turnover increasing light colors

The color lighting used in commercial spaces can have a significant impact on the customer experience and even sales. Research has shown that warm colors in retail environments can create a sense of urgency and excitement, encouraging customers to make impulse purchases. These colors attract attention and can pique shoppers’ curiosity, resulting in increased sales. In addition, we use different light colors for different fresh products. Meat looks more attractive when lit with red light, for bread we use more yellowish light.

Mood lighting

In restaurants and hotels, atmosphere plays a crucial role in the overall experience of guests. Soft and warm colors such as yellow and pink can create a sense of coziness and comfort, helping guests relax and stay longer. On the other hand, cooler colors such as blue and purple can promote a calming environment, ideal for wellness centers and meditation rooms.

Arkoslight light colors

Office lighting

The right light colors in the workplace can significantly improve employee productivity and well-being. Bright and cool colors such as white and blue can increase alertness and concentration. This while warm tones such as yellow and orange can promote a stimulating and creative atmosphere, ideal for meeting rooms. If you want to be able to switch between productive lighting and creative lighting in a room, then dimmable lighting is the way to go. This way you control when which lights are used. At Lixero, we help companies create the ideal office environment by implementing the right color lighting.

Sports lighting

The right light color is even used to improve sports performance. Research has shown that the color red can boost physical performance, while blue has a calming effect and can regulate breathing and heart rate. Gyms and sports clubs can benefit from strategically placed color lighting to set athletes in the right mood and optimize their performance. The ideal workout under ideal conditions. AnyTime Fintess Bemmel Lixero Wall

Kelvin and light colors

In addition to color, light temperature (expressed in Kelvin) and intensity affect our perception and experience. Cooler light temperatures mimic natural daylight and can promote alertness, while warmer temperatures create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Adjusting light intensity can also help create the desired ambiance, from soft lighting for relaxation to bright lighting for focus.

Dynamic lighting

At Lixero, we are excited about the ongoing developments in light color lighting. With advanced LED technologies, we can now achieve dynamic color changes, allowing spaces to change based on specific needs and occasions. Consider a restaurant that is bright and inviting during the day and creates an intimate atmosphere at night through subtle color adjustments.

All light colors

Not all light colors have yet been covered in this article, so we will conclude with a handy overview. In this chart, you can easily see in what ways each color affects our experience.


Red is often associated with passion, energy and excitement. It can increase heart rate and breathing and is often used to attract attention. In stores, red can be used to encourage impulse purchases and create a sense of urgency.


Orange radiates warmth and positivity. It can stimulate creativity and enthusiasm, making it ideal for spaces that focus on interaction and collaboration, such as meeting rooms and creative workplaces.


Yellow represents optimism and brightness. It can increase alertness and concentration. Yellow can also bring a sense of cheerfulness and warmth, ideal for waiting rooms.


Green is associated with nature, tranquility and harmony. It has a calming effect and can reduce stress. Green lighting is suitable for relaxation areas, wellness centers and spas.


Blue exudes calmness, reliability and freshness. It can help lower heart rate and blood pressure, making it suitable for stressful environments. Blue lighting is often used in offices and meditation rooms.


Purple symbolizes creativity and spirituality. It can create a sense of luxury and sophistication. Purple lighting can be used in art galleries, boutiques and spaces where, for example, reflection is desired.


Pink exudes softness and tenderness. It can promote a sense of comfort and security, making it suitable for bedrooms and children’s rooms. Pink lighting can also create a romantic atmosphere.


White represents purity, simplicity and spaciousness. It creates a bright and fresh environment, which is why it is often used in modern and minimalist designs. White lighting is ideal for workspaces where accuracy is required, such as laboratories.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors such as gray and beige exude versatility and balance. They form a subtle background and can be used to accentuate other colors. Neutral lighting is appropriate for spaces where flexibility is important.

Getting Started

Now that you know that color lighting is a powerful tool for creating desired moods and atmospheres, you can get started with this. Whether it is to increase sales, improve the atmosphere in hospitality venues, optimize work performance or promote relaxation. The right color lighting can have a positive and lasting impact on people and their experience of the space. Our experts are ready to guide you in choosing and implementing color lighting that perfectly suits your goals and needs. Together, we can transform spaces and create experiences that positively impact people!

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