Having a lighting plan made

Would you like to have a lighting plan made? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our team of experienced light designers are ready to design the blueprint for your lighting project. We begin by identifying your needs, or your client’s needs.

Then we’ll see who within our team of light designers is the best fit for your project. He or she will then get to work drawing the plan, taking into account the standards and requirements if applicable. For example, a workstation in an office requires a minimum amount of light in the workplace. Finally, we present you with the lighting plan and adjust it until you are satisfied. So you can have your lighting plan created by us.

What is a lighting plan?

A lighting plan is a calculation of a room based on light projections. It is an essential step for any project in which you want good light and good lighting. A lighting plan is a floor plan showing where a fixture (lamp) should be placed in each room.

You can also see in the plan in which direction a fixture should shine for best results. In addition, the type of fixtures, including specifications such as luminance or beam angle. Once you have a good plan, you can get on with the project.

Why is a lighting plan important?

Starting a project without a plan is not a smart idea. This also applies to any project that involves lighting. With a lighting plan, you will gain insight into the light and lighting of your project. Having a lighting plan created will give you a good idea of what the lighting image will eventually look like. This way you can immediately test whether it fits your needs and requirements, or those of your client.

In addition, a lighting plan provides insight on whether there is enough light for the needs of a room. For example, you can avoid dark corners in a store or restaurant. Also, with a good lighting plan, you avoid uncomfortable light due to glare or too bright lighting, for example. Finally, based on the plan, we can identify energy consumption and financial as well as environmental savings. That way you’ll immediately know how much you can save with energy-efficient LED lighting.

What do you need for a lighting plan?

Creating a good lighting plan requires a number of things. First, you need a floor plan of the space for which a lighting plan is being created. Here it is also important to know how high the ceiling is and what kind of ceiling it is, for example, an industrial open ceiling or a suspended ceiling.

In addition, the purpose of the room is important; for example, a conference room requires a different lighting pattern than a workstation, even if it is in the same office. Natural light can also be an important factor. The incidence of daylight is taken into account in the design and product selection, for example, there are systems that adjust brightness to the amount of natural light in a room.

Finally, the interior is important, this involves both the filling in in terms of furniture, shelving and ornaments and the colors. The colors in a room affect the reflection of light and our interpretation of light levels. The more information we have, the better your lighting plan can be.

How do you create a lighting plan?

Creating a lighting plan is a complicated process and requires knowledge and experience. We create our designs with DIALux, which is the software program when it comes to lighting planning. The first step is to collect all the necessary data of the space, as we explained above. Then model the room in DIALux, enter the dimensions and place all important elements such as walls, floors and windows in the program. These elements affect the accuracy of the light simulation.

Once the space is modeled, we select the products we want to use for the project. Here we look at the lumen output, color temperature, energy efficiency but also the style of the fixture. Then we choose the placement of all products, we do this based on your wishes, our expertise and regulations. Using the software, we can simulate different scenarios so that we can fine-tune the positioning with minor adjustments. Finally, we can generate various lighting calculations based on the lighting plan, such as on lux and candela values.

Your customized plan

We do not believe in one size fits all, we believe in the importance of a good lighting plan as the basis for a professional project. That’s why we customize your lighting plan. Whether you are looking for hospitality lighting, a retail lighting plan, lighting for office or any other space. We are ready to take your lighting to the next level with an expert lighting plan. Whether you are an installer, entrepreneur, architect or designer. We surprise you with a plan from A to Z. Request your lighting plan.

Need a lighting plan made?

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Harry Rijnders

Light Design Manager