Own production

Quality first. You don’t want to hassle with the lighting, it needs to work so you can do what you do best. If something does go wrong you want it resolved quickly. Because of our own production line in the Netherlands we can switch quickly and ensure that the lines are short. Our products are extensively tested before they are delivered.

Small footprint

LED lighting is sustainable in use, but what about the chain? Parts are produced, transported, packed and unpacked. Then it also needs to be installed. By purchasing as much as possible from local partners, we try to keep the complete footprint as low as possible. The production lines are set up to be as sustainable as possible. The use of plastic is kept to a minimum. In addition, we use the power we generate from our own solar panels.

and fair

Do you know where your products come from? Behind every manufacturing company is a chain of suppliers who work together to ensure that production can take place. We do this in a fair way that respects the environment. Raw materials come from the region as much as possible, with a radius of 150 kilometers around Deurne. In this way, we maintain a view of quality with the least possible impact on the environment. We also work with a social assembly partner for people with catch-up to the labor market.


We do not have all products in our own production for every project. Therefore, we work closely with some quality brands to provide the best solution for each project. Arkoslight is a Spanish brand that has focused on designer lighting of the highest quality since 1984. German company Regiolux has been on the lighting market since 1952, producing, among other things, high-quality light lines in its own factory. Another international brand we work with is American Hera, which has been a leading lighting manufacturer since 1934. From our audio label, Lixero Audio, we are an official distributor of the Danish audio brand Spottune. Spottune provides a comfortable and flexible audio system for stores, offices and other locations. We also collaborate with several other brands, you can read more about them on our brands page.

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Jochen Mulkens

Production Manager