"Lighting Designer: P. van Lijssel"

"Segment Specialist: C. den Tuinder"

"Partner: ETB van Keulen"

Light for Automotive

How do you design a lighting plan that is perfect for an auto showroom? We have to take in collaboration that light influences humans directly and indirectly. Color, ambiances, feelings, safety and more are all dependable on the lighting levels and placements of the fixtures. Aspects that are normally present within most projects. But automotive is a little different. The levels of reflection are way higher because of the metal and glass. All models are just a little different, with their own focus and brand values.

Light has to be adjusted to fit this situation. Every car, color, accessory has to be taken into account. Product presentation is more of a challenge as the colors vary from car to car. And the general working places require light levels so office personnel can do their job accordingly.

The diffrent zones

All showrooms have their own areas and zones. Before we start with the general design for the whole building we seek collaboration with end users to see which zones are the most important to them. We combine these whishes with the lawful requirements and interieur elements of the zones. In this case we identified 4 different zones which needed extra attention. One of the core requirements is the visibility of the building from the public roads. The visibility should be on point during the day and also during the evening hours.

The other special areas are:

- The main showroom with new models
- The service rooms
- The signing outdoor
- The accessories area

Within the general design these parts are calculated separately to keep the quality in-line with the expectations. We show these in 3D, so the clients sees what the difference is lighting, costs, design and more.

Light for quality

That every building needs light to function is known. But the effect on ambiance and general feelings of clients is way different. For a place that sells luxury cars, the main goal is to reassure the visiting prospects that the brand values are there. They want to experience how a brand feels, and if the could fit within the lifestyle. There is enough choice in the high end car segments. The showroom is the place to translate values when the costumer is the most interested. Light can make this connection if implemented correctly.

Used products

  • De DS

  • De IE

  • De EP

  • De RA

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