Thank you again for visiting the 2022 Tavola Fair. We would like to offer you a free exclusive lighting check for your location. During this lighting check, your current lighting is checked against 7 points. Based on these 7 points, we can advise you.

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    40 Years of experience in the meat business Products of our own Dutch production Less wastage through smart lighting

    The optimal lighting in your facility

    Light and meat can be a dangerous combination. Improper lighting of meat products negatively affects color, taste and shelf life. Therefore, it is very important that the lighting in a fresh food store, restaurant or supermarket is optimally taken care of. We at Lixero understand this, and we have been providing lighting for more than 40 years.

    In practice, we still too often see too many locations that are not properly lit, resulting in unnecessary wastage and less attractive lighting of products. More light is not always better, and light colors can be very effective.

    Wondering how your business is doing? Request a free lighting check from our specialist Luc Cornez!