• Light solutions for the 1.5m economy

    Social distance with lighting projections and routing lights
  • Clear one-way entrees with light

    Create understandable routings in your commercial area.
  • Determine walkways with bright signing

    With lighting projections, arrows, traffic signs and more.
  • Red or green, that is understandable

    Control how clients or guest may walk.

Create safe waiting places

Determine one-way routing

Clarify walk ways to keep distance


The COVID-19 virus effects everybody. The 1.5m economy is here to stay. Well, at least for the remainder of the year. We have to adapt as clients, costumers and colleagues. The process of Social Distancing can be hard to maintain but with our lighting solutions we strive to make it easier. The most durable and practical solutions at this time.

Keep distance with light

With special LED fixtures we can achieve clear projections on the floors. These projections can be anything, from places to wait all the way up to branding and messages. The centers of the projections are precisely 1.5m apart if combined on a 3 meter railing system. The fixtures can be used individually as well. Can be mounted to ceilings by magnets, suspensions or other systems. Plug and play installation. An flexible and easy way to create distance.

The most durable (and best looking) solutions for the 1.5m economy

There is no need for stickers and tape. Lighting creates the visibility you need. The lights do not have to be replaced, do not damage or get dirty. They guarantee an safe environment for you guests, clients and coworkers. The lenses inside the fixtures are replaceable by another message, for example with marketing or branding images. This creates even more uses for this solution, even after the COVID-19 crisis. By far the most durable and best looking solutions on the market

Light as a guide

Combine commercial walk-ways with the laws of traffic and you get the traffic light solution.Traffic signs are known by most of the population, everybody uses the road in one way or another. By creating images of these well-known signs and combining them with LED lighting, it is easy to create the desirable walking direction. Can be turned to adjust the direction in one push of a button.

Routing lighting

The simple principle of traffic lights are combined with lights. Red = means stop, green = go. Small shopping aisles can be a safety hazard if people have to cross to get to the other side. With this solution, you communicate which corridor to take. Is it time for a change? One push on the button switches the colors. We can help you with the technical drawings if needed. This solution works best if combined with projection arrows to help guests find there way.

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Product specifications

Signing Solutions can be used for Service desks, Retail, public spaces, offices and more.


Cash check outs, Service desks, corridors, entrees, etc.


Determine routings, waiting spots for check-out, etc.

Public spaces

Plains, train stations, elevators, etc.

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