Project Support

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We want to help you present your plan as efficient as possible, that your clients understands the design in one go. We manage this by creating good lighting designs which are Taylor Made for every project. These plans can, if required, be printed on A3 paper in a booklet and/or be hosted on an online service. You can be sure that this presentation is all you need to convince the client in the end. 

The Projectbook

With the help of our project book, we are capable of translating a technical plan into understandable 3D. We ask your original design and fit in the lighting fixtures. Then we export the plan so it can be printed or viewed online. Key elements are:

  • Realistic 3D
  • Online and offline available
  • 1 on 1 presentation 
  • Can be made with your logo’s and styles.

See how we manage this? An example is available by clicking on the button below.

Marketing & Sales Support

We try to stay away from sales pitches and keep the client engaged with a story telling fashion. This is not easy. Lighting can be a technical and thus boring subject for all parties involved. We employ real lighting specialists which are passionate about what they do; creating the best lighting experiences.

We manage this by supporting you in telling your story. We visit the project site where the project is due, and provide expert advice on how light can be used to fulfill the clients needs. In the case that you are in dire need for graphical elements to convince the costumer, we will help you to create these. Your project, managed from A to Z. 

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