Our perspective and usage of public places varies and is defined by history and cultural background. Each individual public space has its own lighting purpose which contributes to its effectiveness. We inspire you by defining and matching the need to reach maximal result.

Top sportschool Antwerpen

Public Utilities


To design a lighting plan flexible enough to fit the 3 different segments, namely lifestyle, education and training. Focusing the design elements on the healthy aspects of light while achieving 90% light efficiency.


A brand new sports education centre was built in Antwerp that will function as a gathering place for various sports and educational programs. The project owners desired to express their highly regarded views on health and education throughout the building's design. It was essential for the design to be strenghtened with accentuated lighting that respects the learning process by visualizing all the right aspects of education.

In collaboration with Electro technics, LIXERO started designing a lighting plan with 90% efficiency in lighting. These requirements could only be met by implementing products from the premium range of HALLA. The training facilities were equipped with LED based solutions replacing the old TL technology. 


A carefully crafted lighting plan enriched with the right requirements. All products were chosen with respect for the environment and green surroundings of the building. The plan has been implemented as proposed, with beautiful results.