Our perspective and usage of public places varies and is defined by history and cultural background. Each individual public space has its own lighting purpose which contributes to its effectiveness. We inspire you by defining and matching the need to reach maximal result.


Public Utilities


The Ice Skating Centrum Mechelen consist of different areas (retail, sports, education etc) that together create the ice skating experience. Every area requires different aspects to create the right ambiance in its field.


The ICSM was in need of a partner that could provide them with expert advice on intelligent lighting and how to implement it in all in-house dimensions. It became apparant to LIXERO that one solution A one solution fits all wasn’t the right way to go and this was known by LIXERO. We had to combine our knowledge about the retail world with Projects expertise. The complete project consisted from dressing rooms up to the ice skating ring itself and all in between. All together the ISCM needed a plan that could suffice in all their questions and desires. One of these desires was to completely control the lighting system with the help of a system that can combine the lighting controls in one console. They want to be able to switch the lighting system from functional to disco mode in a few seconds. In the retail dimension they asked to create an experience based store. With lots of products on display and fine design lighting to accompany these products. The café needed ambiance based light so costumer cold enjoy their well-earned drink after an hard practise at the field. 


The most modern ice skating centre in whole of Belgium. With the right amount of lighting in every dimension available in the ISCM and happy project owner.