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Nobra BMW



Increasing perceived value by implementing design and lighting that brings out the cars' most prominent aspects.


Late 2014, Nobra Cars sought to find a new showroom to display its cars. The previous showroom had fulfilled its purpose and the company realized it was time for something new. The company was growing and consequently also its need for modern building to support their products' quality and alluring features.

A beautiful location with enough space for the entire company was found. The sides and roof were made of glass and therefore the showroom enjoyed natural light coming in from the outside.
A collaboration was established with ETB to create an interior that would match the high end needs of Nobra Cars. One of their demands was to evenly light the whole showroom without interference of natural light. Buyers of their BMW product range want to experience their potentially new car in the brightest environment possible.

Implementing lighting to solve the issue proved to challenging and ETB decided to collaborate with LIXERO to resolve these issues. Consultations with LIXERO, were able to identify additional underlying issues; the ceiling appeared to be unevenly elevated.

The solution involved careful consideration of lighting product which maintained the capacity to radiate light from high ceilings and roofs. The light intensity was adjusted to compensate for the lower parts of the roof so that the distribution of light would be optimal. The lighting product implemented have been chosen to match the design of the high end BMWs.


A beautifully lighted showroom with high end lighting products. The increased perceived quality was causd by the implementation of the right light and has led to an increase in sales at Nobra cars' new location.