Food is the core ingredient of humanity. It not only provides nutrition and health but also serves as a means of emotional satisfaction and lifestyle. The enormous availability and diversity triggers our minds. We present light to feed our senses.

Hanos Hengelo



Enhance every zone within a wholesaler which is known for is diversity and quality.


The Hanos is the specialist wholesaler regarding the Dutch and Belgium hospitality/catering markets. It has a divers business model where customers can feel and experience all products before they decide if they want to use it for their business. This feeling goes far, as far as implementing complete restaurant designs within the building. It has everything that a food specialist can dream off. Which is a challenge regarding their lighting needs. We figured out all the different influences and zones, and filled them in with the right light fitted to the desired application.

The zones:

  • Food

There are different zones with the food section; Fresh fish, meats, vegetables, breads, dairy and drinks. Food is influenced by light, which can have effects on the lasting dates and colour presentation. We implement a special kind of filter on our led lighting products so we can minimize any damaging effects and enhance the presentation possibilities.

  • Non-food

How to light complete demo restaurant within another store? Just one of the challenges we faced while designing the light for the non-food section. By focussing on the available styles and feels, we match the fixtures colour to blend in. Recreating the unique style this Hanos is know for. One of the examples is the clothing department, which looks and feels like a modern clothing store while the food section is just meters away.

  • Offices and functional rooms

Products do not just appear on the shelfs. A complete back office and logistical department are present on site which, again, have their special needs regarding light. The office is not just a basic design either. It should be inspirable, a good place to work. We implemented fresh white led modules to accompany this need. Within the logistical department, safety is first. We designed the lights to maximize visibility and minimize dark spots.

All with all a project where all aspects of design, and light, are present and implemented to satisfactions.


The result? Pictures say more then a thousand words. Just have a look and see how we managed this 17.000m2 project.