Food is the core ingredient of humanity. It not only provides nutrition and health but also serves as a means of emotional satisfaction and lifestyle. The enormous availability and diversity triggers our minds. We present light to feed our senses.

Gooody Foods



To replace the chemical discharge lighting systems with energy sufficient LED systems that matches the branding of the food market.


Gooody Foods want to be a green and durable food market that minimizes its impact on the climate as much as possible while keeping their products fresh and up to the highest standards. The store facilitates a real experience based shopping with all sorts of food samples to try and enjoy. The entrepreneur want to give their customers a superior experience while they are shopping, to relax and enjoy their visit. To fulfil this, the lighting systems needs to be adjusted to minimize interference on fresh food products instore. Too much light can cause rotting in food what would increase the impact of the biodiversity store on the environment. These challenges where in need of answers and LIXERO stood up to the challenge.

LIXERO started this project by creating a strong 3D design that showed the most optimal lighting situation in the most energy efficient way. While creating these project plans Lixero kept an eye on the environment and to keep the experience process for the costumer as high as possible. The project was presented by Cor den Tuinder with success and was implemented within the next month.


66% savings in energy costs, less decomposition in fresh food products, and the right experience for the costumers. Last but not least, one very happy shop owner.