SMC Maaspoort is more than just a physio practice, it is a personal company with attention to (top) athletes. The practice brings together various services, from physical therapy to sports screening to performance training. With all these different services, it’s understandable that not every space performs the same function, which means lighting is different as well.


Studio Boud gutted the old physical therapy practice and completely rebuilt it. A homey white ceiling has been installed in the hallways, consultation rooms and treatment rooms. For a comfortable light display and stylish appearance, we chose the Arkoslight Lex here. In dense fixture, the light source is placed quite deep inside the recessed spotlight, which makes for a more comfortable light display. In addition, the recessed spotlight has low energy consumption and, if we say so ourselves, a beautiful appearance. On the top floor of the practice is the gym, this space has an industrial look with an open ceiling. Here, a square of light rails was installed in which minimalist track spotlights were placed, so the practice is flexible in their light display for the gym.


Together with Studio Boud, it turned out very nicely. You hardly recognize the old practice of SMC Maaspoort. We are happy to have been able to contribute to this beautiful project with good and stylish light.


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Maurice Arons