Shell Veghel, location Schimmel, not only wants to create a place to refuel, but also to act as a true beacon of calm for drivers and consumers. Together with Lixero and De Kever Installaties we looked at the optimal design and lighting, for the entire building. With the focus on the customer, allowing drivers to rest in peace and eat tasty food. Through the proper use of lighting, combined with good design, we ensure that the quality of the products in the store and the food are presented in the best possible way.


Provide a place where road users can recover from the ride at ease, where light provides visibility of rest areas in and around the property.


A haven of peace where design and light create a comfortable atmosphere. The whole makes for a gas station that is known as a beacon of calm for drivers, where the quality of products is readily apparent. Everything Shell Veghel wants to radiate is reflected.


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