Traditionally, liquor stores have been known for stacking crates of beer and containers of lemonade. However, the owner of Prik & Tik sees it differently and thought it was high time for a complete turnaround. Prik & Tik Balen (Drankenhandel Geenen) is focused on the pure experience, with an abundant selection of artisanal Belgian beers, a new cocktail generation and barista culture. We used the latest fixtures to uniquely align the light on the products in all aisles. The islands are in the spotlight, illuminated with wide-beam pendants and accented with spotlight systems.


How can a “beverage hall” be transformed into the right experience for the customer?


A transformation from an austere liquor hall to a store that is all about experience and, above all, enjoyment. The tastiest drinks from Prik & Tik Bales in the well-deserved spotlight.


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Maurice Arons