Optiek Smets in Herentals underwent a major renovation, but the result is impressive. With a lighting plan that completely matched the interior design, it became a beautiful store. We are happy to tell you more about the lighting in these optics.


Optiek Smets’ store is a place where the customer is put first. The customer imagines himself in an oasis where one can comfortably select his or her glasses. Much more than a store, the property is equipped with a coffee bar, seating and testing areas. In the process, various frames are displayed on the walls of the store.

For Optiek Smets, a combination of different types of fixtures was chosen, depending on the lighting requirements of the area of the store. For example, track rails were installed where energy-efficient and quality track spots were placed that act as both general lighting and product lighting. Thus, stylish frames are placed in an attractive spotlight. In addition, recessed spotlights were installed in the wooden ceiling, creating a comfortable light display for sitting quietly and enjoying a cup of coffee. Finally, low glare recessed spotlights were chosen in the measurement and test rooms. This ensures a comfortable customer experience.


We can say that it has become a store to be proud of. The lighting creates a beautiful and comfortable ambiance and fits perfectly into the interior.


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Maurice Arons