Keurslager van der Meer in Heerenveen is not a normal butcher’s shop, although you wouldn’t say so at first glance. This butcher shop is one of the first shops with our latest dynamic lighting. What that entails we are happy to tell you.


Our production division developed a lighting system for fresh produce stores where the focus is on reduced loss of loss of quality and taste of the fresh produce. Smart sensors are used to control the lighting in the store. When a customer enters the store, the brightness of the lighting will be increased. As a result, all products are illuminated in the most attractive way. When there are no, or few, customers in the store the lighting will be dimmed. Because the dimming of lights is very fast, this change is virtually invisible to customers.


Keurslager van der Meer realizes with this new sensor technology the best product presentation while there is less loss of food, taste and quality. In addition to the lighting in the store, work and canteen lighting is also automatically dimmed, and even turned off when no employee is present. Dimming and turning off lights also results in nice energy savings and therefore lower energy bills. A win-win situation!


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Maurice Arons