Hanos Maastricht, a multi-year project. But that makes sense when you consider the size; at more than 40,000 square feet, this is Hanos’ largest location. In this huge establishment, you’ll find more than 100,000 products, all beautifully and expertly lit.


How do you tackle such a project? That was a challenge. By working together internally and all making our contributions to this project, we brought it to fruition. From the design department that ensured a correct lighting plan to the production department that assembled the necessary products and the mechanics that skillfully installed them. That’s what we call a project from A to Z!


The result is worth it! The whole location is right down to the last detail. From an orderly, safe and energy-efficient warehouse to the store and experience center. The building exudes inspiration and experience in a sustainable way. With the right sustainable lighting, the perfect customer experience is achieved. Hanos Maastricht has become a project that we as a whole team can be proud of.


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Maurice Arons