Hanos Eindhoven is not just a catering wholesaler, it is a wholesaler with an area of about 17,000 square meters. Developing a lighting plan for such a large venue requires a dose of expertise and experience from our lighting designers. Besides the normal departments you will find at Hanos, Hanos Eindhoven also has a large showroom with furniture. The lighting of furniture is different from the lighting of fresh produce, so it is definitely not a one size fits all project.


To have the Hanos DNA fully reflected within all departments of this large location. And in the process, also light up the parking garage nicely and safely.


Using innovative lighting, we were able to illuminate the departments of this facility appropriately. The various departments are all eye-catchers. In addition, there is synergy between the departments and a place where all crafts come together. Finally, everything behind the scenes at Hanos Eindhoven is equipped with robust and energy-efficient warehouse lighting. Also check out the other Hanos locations with our lighting!


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