A store like Etos Zoetermeer operates 7 days a week, year-round. So when do you have time to for a renovation? Therefore, the business owner has a desire for the new lighting design and its realization to take place during business hours. Also with as little effect as possible on daily operations. This means that the plan must be well thought out, this requires an open line of communication between our lighting designers and the technician on site. Products are chosen based on the current ceiling layout to minimize the need for remodeling. The emphasis will be on the Etos brand and product presentation.


Etos Zoetermeer in the right light, during opening hours.


It starts at the entrance. The brand has a strong visual presence with an emphasis on typical Etos style elements. In the store, the various packages stand out strongly , while maintaining an even light display. We haven’t even mentioned the monthly savings on electricity costs. In short, the entrepreneur is satisfied with the result.


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