We are Dille & Kamille’s proud partner in lighting and audio. The Dutch retail chain has its origins in 1974 and is known, among other things, for their natural materials and focus on sustainability. The stores are always located in iconic buildings and atmospheric shopping streets.


For Dille & Kamille Deventer, we started with a lighting plan. Once the location of the light lines was determined, we set to work optimizing the lighting in the store. The authentic look can be found throughout the store. All products are attractively highlighted so that the customer not only takes notice of the appearance of the products but also the quality of these products.

We also looked at the audio experience. The audio plan included calculating the number of Spottune speakers needed for sound throughout the store, as well as the ideal placement of these speakers for an optimal experience. After installing the lighting, the speakers were easy and quick to install.


Dille & Kamille Deventer has become another beautiful and authentic store that fits within the Dille & Kamille concept. Both in terms of light and sound, Dille & Kamille Deventer offers the perfect customer experience. In addition, a unified experience is achieved through the use of one central control of sound in all stores, through the use of Spottune Cloud.


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Maurice Arons