Less than a kilometer from our office you will find Casa de Padel Deurne. A new padel court where you imagine yourself in Spanish spheres. For this local project, we provided the lighting and a well thought-out lighting plan for the entrance and hospitality area. This entirely in the Mediterranean atmosphere appropriate to the Casa de Padel brand.


The property consists of three parts: the entrance, the hospitality area and the padel courts. A light and inviting look was chosen for the entrance. As guests enter the club they are welcomed at a wooden counter. Above, we installed a pinned fixture so that there is a comfortable workspace for employees. We also used several minimalist recessed spotlights in the entrance area for general lighting.

Hospitality Lighting

As you walk on, you enter the hospitality area, with a cozy bar and comfortable seating area. Track rails run throughout the space, into which we placed our flexible track spotlights. With these spotlights we ensure that there is sufficient general light as well as being able to accentuate the logos and products on the walls.

To achieve a cozy Spanish atmosphere, we chose several decorative fixtures. Here we used wall lamps with glass finishes but also several pendant lamps. By choosing a rattan pendant lamp and woven lampshade, the Spanish theme is also nicely reflected in the lighting.


You can’t see it from the front, but all the lighting is smartly controlled. Using the Philips MasterConnect system, the lighting is wirelessly controllable. Thus, lighting can be dimmed to precision and light scenes can be created. The main benefit for the customer was that it provided much less installation work. Because the system is wireless, therefore, fewer wires had to be laid.

Positive reactions

With a satisfied customer and already many positive comments from padel players, we can conclude that it has become a successful project. We enjoyed working on this thoughtful project. Casa de Padel Deurne has become a beautiful (Spanish) picture to be proud of!


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