This is not the first time we have been allowed to light a store for BuitenHof Garden Furniture. After previous successful projects, we were commissioned to provide BuitenHof Venlo with good lighting. For us it was almost a home game, the store being less than half an hour from our office in Deurne.


Besides the fact that the lighting had to be in line with the overall look of BuitenHof, we were given a number of points of interest. First of all, customers will find a large selection of garden furniture at BuitenHof, as well as parasols. These umbrellas prevented the furniture under the umbrella from being well and attractively lit. It was often dark under these umbrellas, this made for an unattractive and unrealistic product presentation. For this reason, the lighting plan chose to use a carre, or pinned rail system, so that we could use track spots to properly light the products under the umbrellas.

More realistic color image

Another problem BuitenHof Venlo ran into was unrealistic color reproduction. By using fixtures with a high CRI value, we have ensured that colors are rendered realistically. This way, customers can immediately see if the upholstery color is the right one! Finally, the lighting plan paid extra attention to lighting the signing and walkways in the store. This makes it easy for customers to know where to find all the products and how to navigate the store in a pleasant way.


BuitenHof Venlo has become a magnificent store where customers can shop in comfort. The client’s problems were tackled with the help of a well-thought-out lighting plan and the right products. One of our installation partners made sure the lighting plan was brought into reality and everything went smoothly. This establishment is another one that the client and employees can be proud of.


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Maurice Arons