At Bufkes, they build the most delicious sandwiches and we put these sandwiches and their guests in the well-deserved spotlight. We have been providing the lighting for this hospitality chain for quite some time, including for the new branch in the center of Heythuysen. We started with a lighting plan that matched the look and feel of the brand. Here, it was important to create a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere, especially in the seating area of the restaurant. We did this by using various decorative fixtures and track spots of 2700 Kelvin.


After the lighting plan was agreed upon, our own products were produced and we purchased the decorative fixtures from our partner brands. A good combination of both technical lighting and decorative lighting creates a cozy atmosphere and a comfortable lunch environment. All in keeping with the look of Bufkes.


Finally, the installer installed all the lighting according to plan. For emergency lighting, we used Zemper emergency fixtures that we can install in the track. Thus, Bufkes Heythusen is not only assured of good and stylish but also safe and reliable lighting. Both the employees and the client were thrilled with the results. That makes Bufkes Heythuysen a wonderful new establishment!


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