Bax Music is a leading music store in the Netherlands and Belgium, specializing in musical instruments, DJ gear, studio equipment, lighting and sound. The Bax Music store in Amsterdam is one of the newest branches, where customers can find a wide range of high-quality products.

For Bax Music Amsterdam, we planned from A to Z for the complete lighting. The project included a detailed lighting plan and extensive calculation reports of no less than 120 pages. Our goal was to create a well-lit store that seamlessly matches the look and feel of Bax Music’s new formula.


In designing the lighting plan for, we considered all aspects of lighting:

  • General lighting

For general lighting, we have selected fixtures that provide optimal illumination of the retail space, which is essential for a pleasant shopping experience and product display.

  • Decorative lighting

To enhance the atmosphere and look of the store, we chose stylish and functional decorative lighting.

  • Emergency Lighting

We made sure the emergency lighting complied with current guidelines, ensuring the safety of customers and staff.


The installation of the lighting was expertly performed by Hoppenbrouwers Techniek, a reliable partner with years of experience in electrical installations. After the installation, we carefully aligned the lighting to give the finishing touches. This ensured that all the lighting is perfectly in place, adding to the overall atmosphere and functionality of the store.

By combining a detailed lighting plan and extensive calculation reports with expert installation and finishing, we have realized a well-lit store that fully meets the expectations and appearance of Bax Music’s new formula.


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Maurice Arons