As a lighting partner of Bakker Bart, we were able to put the remodeled establishment in new light. Bakker Bart Den Bosch is located in a historic building in the city center. The old exterior of the building brings a nice contrast to the new concept implemented inside.


Our light designer provided a correct lighting plan that matches the values and formula of Bakker Bart. Thus, each branch has a uniform appearance. Because dark materials are used in the store, it is important to have enough light so that the visual experience is not disadvantaged. However, it should also not be too bright, in order to create a pleasant ambiance.


With a combination of downlights and directional spotlights, we gave the dining area a modern look and feel. Guests here can comfortably enjoy the delicious sandwiches from Bakker Bart Den Bosch. In addition, with the spotlights, we made sure that the pink signing was in the spotlight, in accordance with the formula. Energy-efficient LED panels were used in the kitchen for a safe and reliable working environment. This establishment is a place for the future, where convenience and experience are paramount.


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