Installation and Production

See what we do in regards to installation and production

We control the whole process. From the first technical draft towards the final installation on the job site. We specifically choose quality over quantity, which gives us the possibility to take all the pressure from your hands.


Ones plan is as strong as the last link in the chain. This is exactly why we offer our own installation services. So we can reassure you that the strategic lighting plan is perfectly implemented to the letter. As the last part of the supply chain is installation one of the most important aspects. Our professional installers are capable, secure and work as long as needed to guarantee you that your project is lighted to perfection.

Made in the Netherlands

As of 2011, we have our own local production facility which focusses on durable production of lighting products. We try to minimize our carbon footprint within the complete production process by using as much reusable resources as possible. All resources are preferably bought locally which keeps the lines short and flexible. These principles gives us the strength to guarantee you pure quality.

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