Waterproof container

The WB-eco waterproof fixture is known for its reliable and powerful performance even under the most challenging conditions. The robust waterproof housing(IP66 and IK10) of this fixture ensures that it can withstand external influences and harsh conditions.

Efficient for any application

The fixture is available in various sizes and offers a wide range of applications. With an output ranging from 15W to 59W and an impressive light output of 2,200 to 8,700 lm, this fixture effortlessly supplies large spaces with bright and efficient light.

WB-eco with IP66

The waterproof design of this lamp, made of UV-resistant polycarbonate, protects the internal components from water and dust, giving the fixture an IP66 rating. This makes it perfect for use in damp and dusty environments such as factories, parking garages and outdoor areas.

Vandal-proof lighting

With its strong IK10 rating, the WB-eco is also resistant to vandalism and other physical damage, making the fixture ideal for public areas where robust lighting is essential. Regardless of the ambient temperature, the WB-eco continues to perform reliably, with an operating temperature range between -20°C and +35°C.

Durable waterproof fixture

With an impressive LED lifetime of up to a whopping 50,000 hours(L80B10), the WB-eco offers long-lasting and reliable illumination. The A++ energy label confirms its energy efficiency, resulting in significant energy savings.

Additional functionalities

The fixture offers several options to meet specific needs, from stainless steel clips for secure mounting, to a DALI driver for advanced lighting control, to an emergency power unit for reliable power during emergencies. The WB-eco guarantees flexible functionality and performance.

Sharp price for installers

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Product Number


Product Type



1272 x 96 x 111mm, 1572 x 96 x 111mm, 662 x 96 x 111mm

Lumen Output

2200 tot 8700

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