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We have moved!

We have moved! No, we are not out of our beautiful Deurne. But with our second location in Eindhoven, we moved. Until the end of last year, we had a location in the inspiring Broeinest, at Strijp-S. But since April 2023, we have a place in the Microlab also at Strijp-S. It is not a big move, as the building is next to the Glass Building that housed the Broeinest.

A place with history

Besides being a vibrant and inspiring place, Strijp-S is also an area with history. The former industrial park included a glass factory (Glass Building), physics laboratory (NatLab), VideoLab and the SFH building (Microlab). TVs were made in the SFH building; today it is also a place for makers. At the bottom of the building are several workshops and studios where craftsmen are working on their crafts. The floors above are filled by creative and inspiring businesses. So of which we have been one since this year.

Knowledge is there to be shared

In addition to being home to businesses, there are also places to hold meetings and events. This is also one of the things we like to do. Sharing knowledge through an event, our lighting master class! If you want to learn more about how lighting works, how to get started with it yourself or the rules regarding lighting, this is for you. You can register for free for one of the master classes, more information can be found here! In May was our first edition at the Microlab and it was a fun morning with enthusiasts.