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Our new account manager has started

Meet Bas Flink, our newest and youngest employee! We asked him some questions to get to know him a little better, you can read his answers below 💡

Where did you work before?

Before joining Lixero, I worked as a private lease customer advisor at Leaseplan.

Where are you from and living now?

I was born in the beautiful city behind the dunes, The Hague of course! Currently I live in busy but beautiful Rotterdam but starting next month, a beautiful apartment in the heart of Gouda will be my home.

How did you end up at Lixero?

Lixero was looking for a junior account manager and engaged employment agency Young Capital to do so. Then a recruiter from Young Capital emailed me about this position and I was immediately mega excited.

What do you like best about your job as an account manager so far?

What I like most is that I can actually make customers happy with the beautiful lighting we sell. Also, I love that I can do this anywhere. Every mall is a playground for me haha.

What can you wake you up at night for?

Actually, it’s better not to wake me up haha. But then when you do, tell me we are going on a nice spontaneous vacation, or surprise me with a good glass of wine!

What do you like to do on weekends?

When the weather is nice on weekends you will find 9 times out of 10 me and my girlfriend on a sunny terrace. Enjoying some people-watching over drinks, lovely!