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Meet The Team: Paul Matlung

This is Paul Matlung! He is 55 but still feels 25. He is from beautiful Amersfoort. Paul is responsible for Business Development at Lixero. As a partner, he is responsible for everything but his heart is in commerce and business development.

The day of Paul Matlung

He has been with Lixero for more than 4 years and he finds it the nicest club with tremendous knowledge of lighting. His workdays are very diverse. Sometimes he attends a project in progress but most of the time he visits business associates and companies. He likes that variety best about his work. He sits down with many companies to see if both sides can get better and stronger from working together. He also likes to look at new applications such as AI and the possibilities in making products more sustainable. Within Lixero, he is known for the fact that when he is in the office, everyone has quickly noticed.

Italy lover

He prefers to drink his coffee black and strong, as in his favorite vacation country, Italy. It is his second home and enjoys coming there with family and friends. For Paul, it’s because of the atmosphere, the food, the culture, the diverse environment and the friendly people. In his spare time, he prefers to travel the world. Soon, for example, he will tour Japan with his youngest son. Also on his bucket list is a trip across Canada with his family in an RV.

Paul knows his classics

At Paul’s house there is always Dutch music, Motwon or music from the 70s on. His favorite movie is The Godfather with Al Pacino, according to him, a crazy movie about the Italian underworld. Gomorrah is his favorite series which again are about Italian drug gangs. His favorite foods are Italian and Spanish. You would almost think he is half Italian. His favorite holiday is New Year’s Eve, which he prefers to celebrate with friends and family to end the year together.

He used to want to be happy and he succeeded. His motto is therefore ”Get everything out of it! Work hard and enjoy hard. What he wants to give everyone is ”Enjoy every day! Be positive and kind to each other.

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