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Meet The Team: Lotte van Dommelen

This is Lotte van Dommelen, she is 22 years old and was born and raised in Eindhoven. Lotte joined Lixero in early May as an Office & Management Support intern. Because she has only been part of the team for a short time, every day is a surprise. She asks what she can help with, learning about different disciplines within Lixero. Lotte Doesn’t Like Coffee So She’s Team Chocomel!

A real sleepyhead

She does not currently play a sport; in the past she played soccer, judo and tennis. Her favorite vacation country is Spain. This place feels like a second home because she used to always visit her godfather there. You can’t wake Lotte up for anything, because her sleep is very important to her. She calls herself a real sleepyhead. You can only wake her up in emergencies, and then the question is whether you can wake her up. By her own admission, she is neither a morning nor an evening person, but an afternoon person. Getting up early is not her thing, but neither is going to bed too late.

Film, music and books

In her free time, she likes to meet up with friends and family. She also enjoys reading and drawing. Her guilty pleasure is singing along to Disney music. She likes many movies but if she has to choose one it is The Lion King, not entirely coincidentally a Disney movie. She also finds choosing the best series difficult, but she finds Grimm very strong from beginning to end. Surely Cassandra Clare’s book series, The Mortal Instruments is at the very top of her list of favorite books.

Going on a safari

At the top of her bucket list is a trip to Africa to go on safari. She prefers to eat her father’s spaghetti Bolognese. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because that’s when all the family gets together and, of course, for the presents.

She used to want to be a veterinarian. Her life motto is “Hakuna Matata.” What she would like to pass along to everyone is to never rush up stairs in a dark movie theater, because before you know it, you’ll be on the floor and the entire theater will be enjoying your fall. Just goes to show how important lighting is. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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