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Circular Economy Week

This week is “Circular Economy Week! During this week, the focus is on reducing, reusing and recycling raw materials. Today we highlight a practical example of circular working. ♻️

Aloha Poke Bowls

Aloha Poke Bowls is located in a building that formerly housed a butcher shop; in this butcher shop hung (old) Lixero lighting. When the owners of Aloha Poke Bowls contacted us, we set to work on a sustainable and circular way to use the old lighting in their new restaurant.

Circular business

Less than 2 kilometers from the restaurant, our production department made sure to preserve the housing of the lamps. We also provided new energy-efficient light sources in the lamps. In this way, the lights consume a lot less energy and can be used for many years to come. Watch our video about this project here.

Wondering how your lighting can be made sustainable in a circular way? Contact us with no obligation!