Light Consultancy for Designers

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We expend our vision further than just the technical aspects of a project. We observe the colors, the design, furniture, dimensions and more. These findings are matched your needs to create the best lighting design possible. It does not matter if you are an optician or a butcher, we make sure you will get the right light. See how we do this in your area of expertise.

Visual van een 3D Dialux plaatje

Light Consultancy for Food

We create light designs for butchers, bakers, fish stores, supermarkets and more. If there is a fresh food sold, we know how to light it without damaging the wares. Light has a direct influence on the quality and durability of food products. A fitting lighting plan is more than just placing enough fittings to light the complete store. We make strategic plans which spreads the light evenly and correctly. So you are ensured that your products are safe.

Foto van Licht & Retail

Light Consultancy for Retail

The retail world is divers, with different lighting needs depending on the ambiance and products present in the stores. It is about more than selling a product, the store is here for communication brand values, promises and quality. Light stands at the basis of this process. It creates visibility, safety and/or ambiance, depending on the application. And we know how. Curious how others filled-in their retail projects? 

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