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What is UGR value?

In the complex world of lighting, abbreviations are often used to signify technical concepts. One of these abbreviations is UGR, which stands for Unified Glare Rating. In this article, we take a closer look at exactly what the UGR value means, why it matters and how it helps us reduce glare in various spaces.

UGR value

The UGR value is a uniform assessment of glare that occurs from lighting in a specific room. This value is used to measure and assess the degree of glare. This includes not only direct glare, when you look directly into the light source, but also indirect glare, which is caused by reflection of light.

The UGR value is expressed in numbers, with higher values indicating higher levels of glare. The goal is to minimize glare for people in a room. In many cases, the lower the UGR value, the more comfortable the lighting is perceived to be.

UGR value glare

Important factors

The UGR value is determined by several factors that combine to affect overall glare. Some important aspects include the shape of the room, the color of the surfaces and the placement of lighting fixtures.

  • Shape of space

The shape of a room has a big impact on its UGR value. Spaces with complex geometries can provide more reflection of light. Which can contribute to a higher UGR value, and thus more glare.

  • Color of surfaces

The color of surfaces in a room plays a role in the UGR value. Lighter colors tend to reflect more light than darker colors, which in turn affects overall lighting conditions. The color black absorbs incident light, so to speak, which often reduces glare.

  • Placement of lighting

Proper positioning of fixtures is critical to minimizing glare. The proper design of fixtures and their location can minimize direct and indirect glare. A pendant lamp at eye level glares faster than a ceiling lamp.

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Benefits of low UGR value

Choosing the right UGR value has several benefits, including:

  • Improved comfort

A lower UGR value contributes to a more comfortable lighting experience without distracting glare. Because nothing is more irritating than looking into the light of fixture.

  • Increased productivity

By minimizing glare, people can concentrate better and be more productive in the particular room.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

Lighting with an appropriate UGR value contributes to an aesthetically pleasing space without annoying glare.

  • Safety

Reduced glare contributes to a safer environment, especially in areas where precision and alertness are important such as production halls and laboratories.

Standards and guidelines

In the Netherlands, standards and guidelines have been established for maximum UGR values in different types of spaces. These standards serve as a guide to achieve optimal visual comfort and reduce glare. It is important to understand what UGR value is appropriate for a specific environment in order to select the right products. Therefore, here we have some examples of established standards and guidelines for maximum values in different rooms:

  • Offices

For office lighting, a low UGR value is important to create a comfortable working environment that promotes concentration and productivity. The maximum UGR value for offices usually ranges between UGR <19 and UGR <22, depending on the specific application. Wondering if your office lighting meets this standard? Do the free office light check!

  • Classrooms

In classrooms, a good visual environment is essential for students and teachers. The maximum UGR value for classrooms can vary between UGR < 19 and UGR <22, so similar to offices.

  • Stores

In stores and supermarkets, pleasant lighting is important to see products well and attract customers’ attention. The maximum UGR value here can vary between UGR <19 and UGR <25.

  • Industrial spaces

More functional light is often needed in industrial environments, but at the same time glare must be reduced to ensure safety and efficiency. The maximum UGR value can vary between UGR <22 and UGR <28, depending on the type of work.

  • Healthcare institutions

At healthcare facilities and hospitals, comfortable and glare-free lighting is of great importance to residents and medical. The maximum UGR value usually varies between UGR <19 and UGR <22

  • Sports clubs

In gymnasiums and fitness clubs, good lighting is essential for safety and performance. The maximum UGR value can vary between UGR <22 and UGR <28, depending on the specific sport and activities.

  • Public spaces

In public areas such as stations and corridors, it is important to minimize glare to create a comfortable transit and waiting area. The maximum UGR value can vary between UGR <19 and UGR <25.It is important to keep in mind that these maximum UGR values are only general guidelines and may vary based on local regulations, design requirements and specific needs of each space. When designing our lighting plans, we always consider the UGR value in order to provide an optimal experience and comfort to the users of the space.

Getting Started

Now that you know the UGR value is an essential characteristic of lighting. Can you get to work lighting comfortable, productive and visually pleasing spaces. Understanding how value is affected by various factors and adhering to standards and guidelines is key when selecting the right fixtures. At Lixero, we strive to provide solutions that are not only functional, but also contribute to an optimal visual experience in various environments. Need help selecting the right products? Please feel free to contact us or request a quote.

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