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What is Lux?

In the world of lighting, the term “lux” (lx) is an indispensable metric. But what is Lux? Lux is the measure of illuminance, which means it tells us how much light actually falls on a given surface. This simple but powerful unit plays a major role in creating lighting projects.

Lux and Lumen

Lux and lumen are terms often used in tandem, and understanding their relationship is of great importance. Lumen, a measure of the total amount of light emitted by a light source, is closely related to lux. In fact, one lx equals one lumen per square meter. This allows us to relate lumens to lux to understand illuminance. Want to learn more about the differences and similarities of Lux and Lumen? You’ll read about it in this article.

lux lumen candela

A practical example

Imagine a light source emitting 1000 lumens of light. If this light spreads over a single square meter area, it results in an illuminance of 1000 lx. However, if the same amount of light now spreads over an area of 10 square meters, the illuminance would decrease to 100 lx. This shows how lux gives us insight into the actual light intensity reaching a specific room.

Lux in a lighting plan

When creating a lighting plan, the concept of lux is of great value. It allows us to accurately determine how much light a particular area should receive to achieve a desired level of brightness or ambience. Whether in an office, living room or public space, using the right lux values is key to creating an optimal environment.

The right balance

While optimizing illuminance is important, designers must also balance brightness with ambience. For example, a room with excessive lux values can feel uncomfortably dazzling. While too little lux can make a space gloomy and impractical. Therefore, understanding lx values and their effect on human perception is vital to successful design.

Your project

At Lixero, we embrace the profound impact of lux. We use accurate lx values to develop lighting plans that are not only functional, but also attractive and atmospheric. Our expertise in matching lux to specific environments allows us to provide everyone with the right lighting. Creating a the perfect balance between brightness and ambiance.

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