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What is IK value?

In the world of lighting, many technical terms play a crucial role in assessing the performance and safety of luminaires. One such term is the IK value, which is an indicator of the impact resistance of a lamp or fixture. We value quality and safety, which is why understanding the IK value is essential. In this article, we dive deeper into what the IK value means and why it is relevant in the world of enlightenment.

IK value explained

The IK value, derived from the French “Indice de Protection”. And indicates how shock resistant a lamp or fixture is. In other words, it indicates the extent to which a fixture can withstand physical impact and external forces. A higher IK value indicates greater shock resistance, making the fixture more resistant to impacts, falls or other loads.

IP value

It is important to note that the IK rating should not be confused with the IP rating, which indicates the degree of protection against dust and moisture. While the IP rating focuses on the degree of sealing of a fixture, the IK rating focuses on its resistance to physical impact.

Shock resistant lighting

The “K” in the IK value stands for “Kinetic,” which simply refers to shock or impact. This impact is measured in joules (J) and indicates how much energy the fixture can withstand without damage. For example, a fixture rated IK02 can withstand an impact of 0.2 joules before damage occurs.

Here is an overview of some IK values and their corresponding impact resistance:

IK value shock resistance

In practice

In practice, not all IK values are encountered equally often. Different IK values are relevant for specific applications and environments. For example, an open fixture may have an IK02 rating, while a fixture with protective cover, may have an IK08 rating. Fixtures with an IK10 rating are also called vandal-resistant fixtures.

Our products

Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of impact resistance and durability. For example, our WB, WB-EX, OG-M and OG-L all have an IK10 rating, making them suitable for outdoor use or in demanding industrial environments.

Getting Started

As you now know, IK value is an important factor in evaluating the safety of fixtures. At Lixero, we integrate this knowledge into our lighting plans to ensure that our customers can rely on safe, high-quality lighting in all environments. Whether in public spaces, sports areas or industrial facilities. The IK value plays an important role! Wondering what we can do for you? Request a free quote or lighting plan and discover the possibilities.

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