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What is DIALux?

When it comes to creating a lighting plan that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, software plays a crucial role. One of the most respected and used tools in the world of light design is DIALux. In this article, we will explore what DIALux is and why it is an invaluable tool for professionals in the lighting industry.

What is DIALux? A brief introduction

DIALux is no ordinary software, it is a powerful and versatile tool designed to create, analyze and visualize lighting plans. Whether you are working on a large-scale architectural project, want to optimize an office space for productivity and well-being, or just want to create the perfect atmosphere in a home. DIALux is your software for this.

Evolution of DIALux

DIALux has undergone an impressive evolution since it was first introduced. Originally developed in Germany, it quickly spread throughout the world and has become a standard tool for professionals in the lighting industry.

Why DIALux?

The question many ask is: why use DIALux? The answer is clear: DIALux offers unique advantages beyond what can be achieved by hand or simple calculations.

Lighting Plan Dialux


Now let’s take a closer look at the core functionalities of DIALux and understand how they contribute to the creation of a lighting plan. Want to learn more about what a lighting plan is and entails? Read this article from us.

1. Space creation

One of the first steps in designing a lighting plan is to create the space itself. DIALux allows users to create accurate virtual views of rooms ranging from small apartments to sprawling commercial spaces.

2. Installing fixtures

The program offers an extensive library of lighting fixtures ranging from classic lamps to advanced LED technology. This allows designers to select appropriate fixtures and place them in desired locations in the virtual space. Unfortunately, you won’t find our fixtures in DIALux by default, but fortunately you can work with them. Please contact us for this.

3. Lighting parameters

Lighting is not only the presence of light, but also its quality. DIALux makes it possible to set detailed lighting parameters, such as brightness, color temperature and light distribution, to achieve the desired atmosphere and functionality.

4. Simulation and analysis

One of the most powerful features of the program is the ability to run lighting simulations. This allows designers to visualize and analyze the effects of different lighting scenarios before they are implemented in the real world.

These four features are just a small sample of the wide range of functionalities offered by the program.

Lixero lighting plan

In practice

Now that we have discussed some functionalities, let’s explore some practical applications of the program.


In architecture, lighting is crucial to accentuate the structure and features of buildings. This software allows architects to design a perfect lighting plan that emphasizes the aesthetics of buildings.

Commercial spaces

For commercial spaces such as stores and offices, creating the right atmosphere is essential. DIALux makes it possible to improve productivity, attract customers and provide energy-efficient solutions at the same time. Curious about our projects for which we use this software? You’ll find them on this page.

Residential lighting

In homes, lighting is not only about functionality, but also about comfort and atmosphere. DIALux helps create warm and inviting living environments. To realize a realistic representation of the lighting plan, it is possible to create 3D renders of a lighting plan. Thus, you imagine yourself in the lighting plan even before it is realized. Interested in a 3D render for your project? Request it on this page.

Lighting plan Lixero

The future of DIALux

With continuous updates and improvements, the program continues to adapt to the evolving needs of the lighting industry. The future of DIALux promises even more advanced features and an even more intuitive user experience. Want to stay up to date on developments in the lighting industry, including DIALux? Follow us on LinkedIn or Instagram.


DIALux is an indispensable tool for lighting industry professionals striving to create efficient, stunning and functional lighting plans. Whether you are a seasoned designer or new to the world of lighting. The program opens the door to limitless possibilities in lighting.

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Harry Rijnders

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