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What is Candela?

Within the world of lighting, there is a crucial term at the heart of light measurement: candela. As one of the seven basic units of the International System of Units (SI), candela has a meaning that measures the luminous intensity of a light source in a specific direction. This term has its origin in the Latin word for candle, illustrating the importance of an ordinary candle as a reference point for luminosity.

Candela, Lux and Lumen

Candela works closely with other terms such as lux and lumen to form the overall understanding of light. While candela measures brightness in a specific direction, lux measures the amount of light reaching a surface, and lumen measures the total visible luminous flux emitted by a source. These units complement each other and together create a comprehensive picture of the properties of light.

lux lumen candela

In practice

Candela plays a major role in practical scenarios where the focus and distribution of light are of great importance. A higher number of candela indicates an intensely focused beam. This is beneficial in conditions with limited visibility, such as foggy environments. On the other hand, light sources with lower candela are used when a softer and wider light distribution is required, such as when reading a book.

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