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What are NEN standards?

In the world of lighting, NEN standards are of great value. But what exactly do these standards entail? In this article, we take you through the meaning and importance of NEN standards for lighting, with a specific focus on the (well known) NEN-EN 12464-1 standard.

NEN standards explained

A NEN standard, short for Dutch standard, is a defined agreement about a product, service or method of operation. These standards are the guide for ensuring quality, safety and performance within subject areas. In the lighting industry, NEN standards are of great value as they provide the basis for efficient and comfortable lighting.

NEN-EN 12464-1

Within the world of NEN standards for lighting, the best known is the NEN-EN 12464-1 standard. The main objective of this standard is to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. From offices to warehouses and public areas, the NEN-EN 12464-1 standard applies to a variety of application areas. Workshops, in turn, have to deal with specific guidelines and regulations.

The NEN-EN 12464-1 standard contains important guidelines regarding color rendering, lamp brightness, reflection levels and maximum glare. Within this standard, parameters are set to achieve optimal lighting conditions. Some examples of lighting strengths (lux) per room are: offices should have 500 lux, classrooms should have 300 lux, canteens should have 200 lux and corridors should have 100 lux. These detailed guidelines help provide a safe and comfortable environment for people in a variety of situations.

Other NEN standards

In addition to the NEN-EN 12464-1 standard, there are other NEN standards that are important in the world of lighting. These standards address various aspects of lighting. Here are some examples of other relevant NEN standards:

NEN-EN 1838

This standard focuses on emergency lighting and escape route signs. It sets requirements for lighting in public buildings and industrial environments to ensure that people can evacuate safely in emergencies.

NEN-EN 60598

This standard covers the general requirements for luminaires. It covers aspects such as construction, insulation, wiring, electrical shock protection and more to ensure that these fixtures are safe for use.

NEN-EN 62471

This standard focuses on the photobiological safety (limiting vision loss) of luminaires. It assesses the risk of eye and skin damage from exposure to optical radiation and sets limits for different types of illumination.

NEN 1010

While this is not a specific lighting standard, it is an important standard for electrical installations. It describes requirements for the construction of safe electrical installations, including lighting, in buildings and other facilities. Our mechanics always work to this standard.

NEN 3140

This standard deals with the operation of electrical installations and equipment. Although not specifically focused on lighting, the requirements on safe maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment apply to lighting systems.

Lighting Plans

At Lixero, we embrace the NEN standards for lighting. In our lighting plans and lighting calculations, we always follow the prescribed standards. This ensures safe and pleasant (work) spaces. Wondering what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us or request a free lighting plan.

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