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A healthy office

Recently, research by the University of Twente, VU Amsterdam and CBRE Netherlands shed light on the concept of a healthy office. In this article, we offer an overview of key findings aimed at companies and organizations striving to improve the working environment for their staff.

Biological rhythm

The study highlights the vital importance of circadian lighting for employee well-being. Applying a lighting plan that mimics the natural circadian rhythm of the human body can have a positive effect. Both on the mood of employees and their concentration and general well-being. This is especially important for offices where natural light is limited.

Improvements through lighting

The study shows that healthy offices with proper lighting see significant improvements in employee job performance. Specifically, an 18% increase in work performance is experienced, with a 12% increase in accuracy and 10% increase in productivity. These figures reflect the potential of good office lighting in any business.

Business and personal benefits

A healthy office not only provides benefits for employees, but also deliver business benefits. Improving and making your office healthier can reduce absenteeism, burnout and employee turnover. This, in turn, can lead to significant cost savings. In addition, an improved work environment can have a positive impact on employees’ overall lifestyle and well-being, both inside and outside the workplace. A win-win situation!

Technical aspects

The study also shows that the technical aspects of lighting, such as adjustability of brightness and control, are essential to creating a healthy work environment. These aspects play an important role in optimizing lighting and supporting employee health and productivity.

Your healthy office

For organizations considering investing in a healthier work environment, the insights from this study offer valuable guidance. Improving office lighting goes beyond appearance; it is an investment in the well-being and efficiency of the entire organization.

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